Full spectrum

We are ready to provide services that involve many technologies, thus to implement complex solutions.

  • Strong skills - main achievements..
    C++, Boost (Microsoft Visual Studio, GCC) - various tasks
    Java, Spring framework, Eclipse, Intellij Idea - various tasks
    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, DOJO, gulp+browserify - many different web-applications and sites
    PHP, Yii framework - commercial application for publishers
    MySQL - commercial application for publishers
    Big Data (Hadoop (Hortonworks), HIVE, MapReduce/Java, Oozie) - 200 datanodes, 2 petabytes of Data.
    Android SDK (Java) - ~100 000 installs.
    Marmalade SDK (cross-platform Mobile development, C++) - commercial application for publishers
    Pascal (Delphi Studio) - MS SQL, FireBird DataBase applications
    Lotus Notes/Domino (@Formula, Lotus Script) - 100+ of B2B and B2C projects. ~40 000 users.
  • Additional skills
    Microsoft OLE Automation, MS Office Objects
    iOS Objective C
    MS SQL Server